Bulldawg Brawl

10-second overview

Bulldawg Brawl is a student boxing event benefiting local charities in Athens, GA. My role was to craft the user experience from concept through web development.

Lean UX Methodology

Recently, I read Jeff Gothelf's Lean UX and wanted to give it a try on a project. The main difference between lean UX and traditional UX is focusing on outcomes (i.e. increase ticket sells) instead of deliverables.


Ticket Purchase: Bulldawg Brawl uses a 3rd party to process ticket sells, therefore we wanted to warn users that they would be directed to a different site for purchase. By warning users we hope to decrease the potential loss of trust when sending users away from our site.

Ticket Information: One of the main reasons users visit the site is to find event information. Our navigation menu will maintain a time, date, and location; however our main call to action will be a 'Learn More About the Event' button. 

Clicking through will take the user into a event 'story' where we gradually show the user our mission statement, the event time line, peer quotes, FAQs, and ticket options (see excerpt below). Our goal with the event 'story' is to answer any questions and quite any doubts the visitor might have about the event and purchasing a ticket. 


Internal Validation: To show the design concept to internal stakeholders I used Balsamiq to produce a clickable prototype. We were able to discuss our overall UX strategy, identify business problems, and iron out issues around the content structure.

Bulldawg Brawl