Hope Foundation

My Role


The Hope Foundation is a nonprofit focused on lifting, from crisis, those affected by serious medical burdens (ALS, Cancer, etc.) and financial hardship.

What makes The Hope Foundation unique is the fact that they are driven to show their donors the impact their dollars have. For example, if I donate $25 to Hope they will show me exactly how and where my money is used. Not only does the delight the donor, it creates a more loyal donor who will share the Hope story with friends and family.

Technology Strategy

After analyzing the pros and cons of currently available donor management software we determined it was financially smarter to develop a custom donor management system that could track each dollar to specific fundraisers. 

By accepting both Paypal and general credit cards (powered by Stripe) we could save a lot of money. For example, if Hope raised $100,000 (via 1,000 donations or $50 per donation) in one year Donately could charge a fee of $5,700 vs. a custom platform (powered by Paypal/Stripe) fee of only $2,500. A savings of $3,200.

Analysis of custom platform vs. Donately.

Mobile UX

A key mobile feature we implemented to provide a better experience for the user was the ability to ‘Show’ their password. Typing on mobile is difficult and inaccurate. The form reveals the password so the user can view if they typed accurately. See below.

Showing passwords = happier users without compromising security – read how Yahoo and Sprint tested security w/ millions of users and more here.

Sketches of the myHope Account design – see final design below.

Front-end Development

Front-end development greatly affects the user experience. One example is error handling. Notice below how we alert the user that their email and password are invalid before they click ‘Sign In.’ Alternative to this would be to inform the user of the error after submission (we all know how annoying guessing password strength can be). Real time feedback is key to a great experience.

Final design of the donation form.

Donation Platform Design

The design of the donation platform is based on a simple tabbed navigation. The user can quickly tab through the different screens and see at a glance analytics, list of donor, list of donation, and fundraiser management.

Donation Platform Sketch

Final Platform Design

One key feature of the donation platform is the ability for the Hope staff user to assign general donations to specific fundraisers. See below.

Prototype (under construction)

Hope Prototype